This is the WORDPOWER information page.

WORDPOWER has been in business, under the same owner,
as Study Buddy, trading from the WORDPOWER website, since 2000.
The company was started for the sale of Study Buddy reading and display stands.
Study Buddy was invented and developed by the writer,
Mary B. Lyons, 
 as an adjunct to her writing.

Study Buddy D/L is made from polypropylene and is recyclable,
along with its adjustment strings and the box it comes in.

"Study Buddy" is a registered trademark which,
together with the Study Buddy design, is registered at the 
Patent Office (Intellectual Property Office).

WORDPOWER is a trademark.
The name has been in use by the owner since 1998

Mary B. Lyons has now added another business to her
portfolio in the shape of
Marybee Design,
a company in which she designs, among other items,
costume jewellery and amazing wire sculptures.
Marybee Design is a trademark. 
will soon be online.

It is an offence to copy any photographs or designs from
this website and we would be most grateful if you
would respect the copyright of all items on this website.
Many thanks.

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