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white polypropylene

£19.95 plus Post and Packing £5.25
= £25.20

About Study Buddy D/L

Study Buddy D/L is a strong, lightweight, fold-away, desk-top
reading stand which fills a market need for
those who require the comfort and convenience
of physical support for reading matter without a
cumbersome traditional lectern. Manufactured in
wipe-clean polypropylene in cool white,
Study Buddy D/L supports books,
magazines, manuals, art-work, music, knitting patterns
or display materials.

Measurements: (folded) height 32cms x 42cms wide

The combination of lightness with strength and the
convenience of being able to fold away Study Buddy
in seconds, makes this product a very attractive
and inexpensive item for you to own.

Study Buddy D/L Safety Instructions

Study Buddy is not a toy so please be careful
 with the corners and edges.  Keep it away from
   naked flames, cigarettes, direct sunlight, other
   heat sources, children and animals. If page
    clips are supplied for your Study Buddy please
    use them with care so as not to damage the
    reading matter, yourself or others.

        If adjusters are supplied for your Study Buddy please follow the
              safety instructions supplied with them meticulously.

     Study Buddy and its component parts and accessories
        are not meant to be used for trials of strength.
        Do not flex your Study Buddy D/L.

      When using page clips, apply pressure to them evenly
and centrally with finger and thumb.
If you mis-use them by clipping them to your
        Study Buddy D/L when it's closed and then try to open it with them in
    position, they will break and we will not replace them.
The free page clips are guaranteed for 6 months in normal use

So, please, never clip your page clips around a closed
       Study Buddy D/L in case you do this by mistake.
Clip them to one face only.
 Never place a cigarette on a Study Buddy D/L.

You may order replacement packs of 2 page clips
for £3.95 including post and packing. Please see order form.

Company orders: Please enclose cheque with order for all orders.
For multiple orders please email for Post and Packing costs.

The new price came into force on 01.01.15

Study Buddy is a trademark
and the Study Buddy logo is a registered trademark.

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